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2014-04-13 00:11:00 by csasba

Just do stuff and stuff will happen.  Or it won't.... but that's okay, dude.  


2013-10-26 03:35:36 by csasba

The real comedy is that we don't want to be alive. We shouldn't be alive. We shouldn't even exist. Did you ever wonder why anything at all exists. I'm not one to say how the universe should and shouldn't be, but it is what it is. However, why the hell is all this shit here? Where did this shit come from? What the fuck is going on? It's not like someone dropped a glass of milk on the ground and forgot to clean it up. It's like someone dropped a glass of universe in space time and created the universe and what the fuck is going on? AND THAT'S THE REAL COMEDY! We are a miracle that shouldn't be happening, but we are and all we want to do is get away from it. We drink to dim our senses from the miracle real world that is going on around us, we play video games and sit at our computers. Our existence gets reduced down to whatever size screen we're watching at the time. The miracle of existence escapes us one moment at a time, never to return to us again as we drug and stimulate our mind away from the real question that we should be asking; "What the fuck is going on?" People make up Gods and religions as a path to enlightenment when really they don't know what the fuck is going on either. We all woke up one day pissing our pants or our Mom was changing our clothes or we fell down in our back yard and we were crying and we stopped just for a second in awe at the power of what we just did. We started to remember. We asked the all mighty and powerful question that could never be answered, "What the fuck is going on?" and we would never ask that question again until we were in college trying to take a trip from reality accidentally stumbling upon the interrogative once again. And that's comedy folks. That's the real grand last joke. The closing act upon it all. The final laugh. We are given this brief moment of existence and we piss it all away, drinking, swearing, crying, ignoring, never once giving it a real though to the real question, "What the fuck is going on?" I cosmic laugh. I cosmic laugh at all of us. Close curtain upon alternating laughs and cry's. Bravo, bravo... nothing is accomplished.


2013-10-26 03:14:53 by csasba

I like this site. I've never submitted anything though